Who We Are

We come from all walks of life and have different experience levels, but are all in the software development industry. We have our own full-time jobs, but we believe that sharing our experiences through writing & creating content will empower others to grow in their careers.

We're not a coding camp, tutorial provider, or blogging syndicator. Instead, we're a group of people who got together and decided to share the experiences we encountered throughout our journey so that others may benefit.

This includes topics such as:

  • Career shifting to the software industry
  • Job searching, resume, interview & portfolio tips
  • Career coaching, advice & development
  • Career advancement
  • Justifying software development decisions
  • ... and finally, how to mentor others (if that is something you're interested in)

Our content is written by individuals but are reviewed by the group through a process of: i) internal vetting, ii) consultation by software industry professionals and iii) consultation by other relavant professional services (i.e. accountants, researchers, and other experts).

"Some people teach to empower others.
Others teach to empower themselves & gain a following."

Whether you're considering software development as a career, a coder entering the industry or an experienced developer with aspirations, the Internet can be a difficult place to find effective information & actionable advice to know that you're on the 'right track'.

Do You Have Something to Share?

We're not an syndicator of content, so we generally don't take individual submissions. However, we're always on the lookout for people to join our team. If you feel that you share the same values as us, give us a shout - Send a DM to us though our official twitter account at @canosielabs. We love reading good content for coders.