Our Motivation

A core group of us initially started out by individually writing blogs for fun. As we progressed in our careers, we started helping & mentoring other developers who had questions.

Then we heard a growing number of concerns around Twitter, Stack Overflow, etc being an rough place to get mentorship or have discussions.

This included topics such as:

  • You get bullied easily and everything is seen as black or white.
  • People often say things to gain followers instead of providing real, practical advice.
  • It's hard to discern what is good versus bad advice

Some of these concerns are inherent problems with the platform (i.e. character limits), while others are issues surrounding conflict of interest. Hence, we decided to look into various topics of interest, generate meaningful content & decide the best medium (i.e twitter, blogs, videos etc.) to present that information effectively.

We realized that though there are many good places to learn how to code, there are few places where you can learn about industry, practical advice, and effective 'next steps'.

So that leads to where we are today - Canosie Labs: A group of people in various stages of their careers pooling contributing information together, to provide solid practical advice to share with the greater software development community.