Our Team

We are a group of experienced developers, tech-leads, business managers, and career coaches that create original content for Canosie Labs. We have our own full-time jobs, but we believe in sharing our experiences through writing & creating content will empower others to grow in their careers. Though, we do get busy at our day jobs and sometimes cannot respond as quickly as we would like.

As we continue our individual career journeys, we have also invited some new developers in our team to talk about their personal coding journey. We feel that this viewpoint is extremely valuable for those seeking a career-shift or encouragement for those who are in this stage of their learning.


Though content is reviewed as a group, we are grateful to have the following editors-in-chief to provide a stamp of approval for any publication we produce.

Jenn - A J2EE developer with a interest in web-technologies. Experience working in high-performance financial and insurance ecosystems. Responsible for championing coaching/mentoring development programs for developers in several organizations thoughout her career. Enjoys writting technical articles and tutorials.
J - Over a decade of J2EE fullstack development experience. Building applications in complex environments. Full lifecycle experience including application security reviews, code review audits, and production deployments.
Wave - A business manager and career mentor with 15 years experience working with organizations to achieve their their sales & market penetration goals. Focused in E-Commerce & Retail Sectors. Developed, managed & rolled out double-digit million dollar revenue programs.

Our Team and Contributing Editors
Born in India, Petal now resides in Boston, USA and works as a fullstack developer. Interests include AI and machine learning.
A developer in the past but transitioned to a manageral role with fintech organizations.
Though the encourgment of her husband, she has begun the coding journey though a paid bootcamp supplemented by freeCodeCamp.